Thinking of Learning to Sew?

Thinking of learning to sew? You shouldn’t have to spend more than $65 on your fabric & first class. All that is expected from you is to come with an enthusiastic attitude as well as 1 metre of a light weight woven cotton. The class is $55 per person and the fabric should be no more than $10 per metre. You can bring a long your own machine and sewing tools if you have them but it is not necessary. After your first class if you decide you loved it and you really want to get into the excitement of sewing even then you shouldn’t have to spend any more than $200 – $250 on your machine and tools. (This price is a little bit exaggerated and here is why). There are a lot of people that have sewing machines that were passed to them and they just don’t use them. There is no reason why you can’t jump on ebay or Gumtree and by a second hand sewing machine to use at home or borrow one from a great aunt. In the second hand market you should be able to pick up a machine for some where between $70 – $130. Our sewing classes are fun and our teachers love sewing, all of our teachers work in the industry as well as teaching. For more information Contact us on (02) 8091 1664 or email