Sydney Wedding Dress Alterations

Well it is that time of year I guess.  Sorry I have been a little slow with the blog post's lately due to a large amount of work coming in. It is the season for wedding dress alterations in Sydney, so they are coming in thick and fast. You should never complain about business but I will just this once!  I didn't have time to finish anything I have started making for myself.  So I got my Nanna in and she happily sewed some buttons on my new skirt for me! Got to love Nanna!  It was such a treat to have her in my sewing studio with me!!!  I wish we could do it more often (I would be happy just for the company, don't worry I wouldn't ask Nanna to sew for me all the time just to bring some of her yummy macaroons for tea break)!

And in case your wondering, the skirt was perfect!


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