Style your Wardrobe

 Styling with White Elegance

  Learn how to feel good wearing your outfit Be comfortable Select outfits that flatter your figure?          

Styling Classes

White Elegance can help you create outfits from your wardrobe that you feel comfortable and confident in. We will help you make great decisions on what to wear and how to match your outfits together. The chances are you already have great clothes you just need a little help putting them together. We don’t believe you have to spend a lot to look good.  All you need to know is what suits your body and how to match it with what you already have. We won’t take you out on an expensive shopping trip and make you try things on that you feel really uncomfortable. We only work with what you already have and will give you advice as to what you should look for when you are shopping for new clothes. There is no pressure to buy items and we do not work with any clothing shops. White Elegance is completely independent. ~
~ In our sessions we will help you create outfits you are really comfortable in for the following clothing styles. Casual; Corporate; Evening Our sessions are for 2 hours at $139 for inner city clients and a travel charge maybe apply for other areas. It is important to remember we will make you feel good in what you already own.