Private Sewing Lessons

Old Singer

Learn How to Sew or Brush up on your Skills

Have you been thinking about it for a while and don’t know where to start or sick of paying for expensive alterations?

  • How to use your Sewing Equipment
  • Types of stitches on your sewing machine, and by hand
  • Patterns, grainlines, cutting
  • Darts, Tucks, Pleats, Gathering, Shirring,
  • Sewing the garment, finishing internal seam edges, fitting the garment
  • Fastenings: Zippers, Button holes, fabric closures, attaching buttons, hooks and bars.
  • * Creating a garment from a pattern of your choice

Or If you just want to brush up on your sewing skills / help with your major work we can tailor the classes around you. ~

Classes are $49 per person per hour,
(minimum 2 hours)

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