Sewing in Sydney

So being back in Sydney now it is officially three months that we have been back already. Sewing Classes are now starting to fill up and my wardrobe is starting to look Australian again (Summer Clothing). Remember the beginners is the second Saturday every month. Before we talk any sewing we have to talk about Lady Gaga last week at the Oscars, her gown was stunning!!! I can't work out what I was mesmerised by more, the gown, the singing, Lady Gaga looking so beautiful and or being sent back to my childhood for the length of her performance. So I have played her over and over again on Youtube this week trying work out what it is that makes me so happy to see the performance but to top it of Foxtel in Australia did a wonderful thing and put the actual Sound of Music film on TV last night as well... So now I am climbing every mountains and following every dreams. If you missed it here is the link Lady Gaga at the Oscars Back to sewing, so I have been building a range of skirts to alternate using two different patterns and many different fabrics. The first two fuller skirts are very easy in fact the one withe buttons on the the waist band doesn't even have a zip in it.  I have just added a pleat so it extends open.

For more details about this you can learn how to create one of these skirts in my classes and I give you the patterns to take home and make over and over again! The tighter fitting skirts you can see a bit of detailing done in the pocketing and waistband to create a point of difference.

That's it from me tonight, if you find text errors I'm sorry, but as you know I am a sewer first than a blogger!


Happy Sewing!


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