Pretty phone holder for charging your device!

So there is a lot on the net about how to make a phone holder when when you are charging you phone. Here is my version: Made from an empty shampoo bottle.  I cut it straight in half without thinking about it and just realised that my phone is quite bit. So I already needed to think up something more creative if I didn't want to waste this empty bottle (it was also the only empty bottle I had in the house). I dug though my fabric and trims box to find I had ribbon, imitation leather and also some left over lace from my wedding dress. I'm not going to go though how to do it because there is loads of info on pinterest/Facebook or just google it.  (If all else fails just leave me a msg and I will share one of the links).

 You can see here I could have done this a little better, the back seam line should be hidden behind the ribbon. ( I was just having one of those days)

It be really honest I am surprised by how well my mistake turning into a really cute girly phone holder. It is functional and cute! MMM x

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