New PJ’s

Berlin Wall at Mauer Park
So as a lot of you know I am currently in Berlin with my new machine Frau Helga (New secondhand machine - an oldie but a goodie). I have been finding it difficult to get fabric lower than 15EUR per meter and even had to buy and invisible zip for 5EUR (so expensive). Fortunately yesterday a friend suggested a trip to Mauer Park which are known to have great markets. To my surprise I found a great little fabric stall and a very large trims/accessories stall. Since travelling to Berlin I have really missed my comfy trackies /long pj pants to chill out in at home.  (They wouldn't fit in my suit case).  Yesterday I managed to find some fabric for 3EUR per meter and some elastic for 50cents.  I was so excited I couldn't wait to make my new pants! An hours worth of work at home and I have a brilliant comfy new pair of pants!!!  I used an existing pair of PJ pants for the pattern and extended them by 20cm to make sure they were too the floor.


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