New Denim Skirt for the European Summer

I have a great denim skirt that I love to wear but I needed to have a second one because otherwise I will keep wearing the one I purchased to death.
So I found a great stretch denim in my new favourite sewing shop in Berlin.  (Slightly on the expensive side but I just had to have this fabric).  It was 15 Euro a meter and I knew I only needed 1/2 a meter!
I took my old favourite denim skirt and created my pattern from there.
With denim I think it is important to keep the denim feel about it.  Make sure you add all the top stitching detail and ensure it is neat!
I didn't add back pockets to this skirt because I wanted a neat flat finish.  I have two normal denim skirt pockets at the front.  To keep in with the denim theme I added the stitching detail on my zip front.

Most importantly, don't forget to style your new item like you would any item you purchased.  Just because you made it doesn't meed it has to look daggy.  Make sure it looks super cool and people will stop you to ask where it is from!

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