My Head is Cold

So I stole that line from my father but it is true! Living in Berlin, September is already cold!  (Well for me anyway). Some friends were throwing out their old clothes and I grabbed the items with the fabric that I liked. As my head is cold I need a new beanie! 1. Take and old jumper and cut straight across the chest.
This is an oldie but a goodie!
No going back now!
2. Fold it in half and cut it in half 3. Stitch straight down the side and zig zag it to ensure the knit doesn't come apart

4. Create a tacking stitch (but make sure it is more secure than a normal tacking stitch) and then pull it so the fabric gathers.

5. Create a blanket stitch to secure the knit and make sure it doesn't fray.


  I love my new beanie!!!


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