Knitted Blue Dress = Knitted Blue Cardigan with a Grey Marl Trim

Knitted Blue Dress = Knitted Blue Cardigan with a Grey Marl Trim

This is a cute little blue dress that a friend gave to me as they were throwing things out!
I did wear it but decided it was a bit clingy for me.  I really loved the colour and the softness of the knit!

So I thought maybe a cute cardigan…

Cutting it straight down the middle I opened it, added a bind and then was going for a belt in the middle.
Half way through my project I decided to make use of the cowl neckline rather than get rid of it (sorry it is not a great photo on the left so not easy to see).
After I decided to use the neckline I added the tie/belt I made to the top to create an Audrey Hepburn neckline.

Here are the steps

I have followed the knit line
(be careful not to pull to much when you do this)
Quickly had your bind and pin it into place
so it doesn’t stretch
Ready for your machine.
I machined one side of the bind.
And hand stitch the other side.
My belt that turned in to a neckline tie.
And the finished product…
Note: To make sure the neckline sit properly I have added a hook and bar on both sides.
The hook and bars will now take any pressure or strain and the tie will look good.

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