An oldie but a goodie and you just can’t part with

Recently a friend of mine went through her wardrobe.  She found a number of items that she just doesn't wear anymore but couldn't part with them and still loves the fabric! If your garments are still in a good condition it doesn't take much to change a garment slightly to make it a bit more modern and fresh.

This skirt is your typical mid to late 2000's skirt.  It is a cute Aline with a great printed fabric.  The original designer even went to the trouble of beading some of the flower prints. There was a skinny 1.5cm velvet band at the top as well that sat in the middle of the white band at the top.  Lets see how it comes up...

This skirt is approximately 9 years old and I will be taking it to my girl friends this Saturday.  Let's see how we style it up 9 years later. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive you just need to a little imagination!  (Let's face it I really didn't do that much to this skirt!)

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