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Thinking of learning to sew? You shouldn’t have to spend more than $65 on your fabric & first class. All that is expected from you is to come with an enthusiastic attitude as well as 1 metre of a light weight woven cotton. The class is $55 per person and the fabric should be no more than $10 per metre. You can bring a long your own machine and sewing tools if you have them but it is not necessary. After your first class if you decide you loved it and you really want to get into the excitement of sewing even then you shouldn’t have to spend any more than $200 – $250 on your machine and tools. (This price is a little bit exaggerated and here is why). There are a lot of people that have sewing machines that were passed to them and they just don’t use them. There is no reason why you can’t jump on ebay or Gumtree and by a second hand sewing machine to use at home or borrow one from a great aunt. In the second hand market you should be able to pick up a machine for some where between $70 – $130. Our sewing classes are fun and our teachers love sewing, all of our teachers work in the industry as well as teaching. For more information Contact us on (02) 8091 1664 or email

5 Essential Wedding Dress Accessories

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5 Essential Wedding Dress Accessories

Throughout the ages there have been many reasons for weddings and this is still the case today.  Today, some weddings we agree with and some we do not.  Here are some of the common reasons for weddings:
  • legal,
  • social,
  • emotional,
  • financial,
  • spiritual, and
I am sure if you are like me, every now and then you here about another couple that my friends or I know get married via an arranged marriage.   What I find hard to understand is that arranged marriages still happen to this day with or without the consent of the bride and groom. When thinking about arranged weddings without the consent of the bride and groom, I find this concept hard to understand and not a great thought in 2015. No matter which journey you have taken, on your journey to be married, you may still be facing the same familiar questions regarding accessories, of every other bride.  There is a cute little English rhyme that some people seem to get a bit stressed over as well.  Please don’t! “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe”. Most of us know the first part, however, I for one didn’t know about the sixpence in your shoe. Each item is just something lovely from family members or friends, to remind you of them, and to add to your wedding outfit in the form of wedding dress accessories or part of your wedding gown (except maybe the money in your shoe).

Something Old

This is usually something a family member gives you, whether it is a brooch, ring or garter, sometimes it is even fabric from the bride’s mothers or grandmothers wedding dress which is incorporated in the new brides dress. Remember something old is meant to incorporate something from your family to honor your family.  While you are marrying your man you also become part of his family while you retain your current relationships with your family.

Something New

This symbolizes the bride and is unique to her.  It could be your dress, earrings, veil.  This would have to be one of the easier parts of the rhyme as you could also choose underwear

Something Blue

It is said something blue showcases your intent to always remain faithful and always love your partner. It is often that the bride has something blue on her garter but more often than not if you get your gown made a lot of dress makers now put a small blue bow in the bride’s gown. It is also trendy now to wear sapphire earrings or a sapphire necklace.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed usually shows your mutual admiration for the person that has lent you an item to wear on your wedding day. It can sometimes be your mother’s favourite earrings or veil, in our family we have a small porcelain shoe that all the brides in the family have hung from there wrist. It is very special and has been passed down for generations through the family.

A Sixpence in your Shoe

This is most commonly forgotten.  I know I for one didn’t even know about this part of the rhyme and have been working in the bridal industry for 10 years. The sixpence is usually worn in the brides left shoe to represent prosperity and good fortune. To give you an idea of the value, in 1966 the sixpence was circulated as the 5 cent piece in Australia. All in all, if you don’t fancy wearing all of that on the day of your wedding don’t.  You have to be comfortable when you get married and if you are going to be uncomfortable wearing all of it, then forget it. I will say, before my wedding, I worried a lot about many things, however, on the wedding day, the things I had spent a good deal of time worrying about before the wedding, didn’t bother me at all. The best part, is the reason why they didn’t both me, was because, I was so caught up in the day and what was going on, that it didn’t even cross my mind, that I was wearing a garter that was rather annoying. Happy planning and enjoy your wedding! Mich x

9 Types of Boots and how they should be warn

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9 Types of Boots and how they should be warn

White Elegance Sewing SchoolBoots were traditionally made of leather and/or rubber and were worn for their functionality and protection, in other words for working. Originally boots were separate with the leggings, soles and uppers worn all together to ensure there was ankle protection.  According to Wiki, in around 1000BC the boot was joined to create boots as we know it today.   Over the years boots were mainly a functional shoe, worn for work or army, however, they did then move into fashion and become main stream. How Boots Were Worn Boots were originally worn with foot wraps to stop the chafes, blisters and to ensure all the sweat was absorbed.  This was well before socks were widely available. In saying that, the first known sock was around the 8th century BC.  Socks were worn by the ancient Greeks, they were made from animal hair for warmth and they were tied around the ankle. How Boots Should Be Worn It is not until the 60's and 70's boots became extremely fashionable and we started to see all sorts of heals and platforms added to the boots, not to mention the really short skirts worn with the boots. There are so many different types of boots in this world and bringing us in the present fashion trends we will go through the must haves and my favourites.
  1. Ankle Boots
These are definitely a must have.  Ankle boots are a great match with shorts, skirts, skinny pants or long skirts.  They will dress up your outfit and not make you too hot when it is hot, humid and raining all at once in places like New York and Sydney.  Don't forget they will keep your feet dry!
  1. Mid-Calf Boots
These are not such a must have and as they work the same as what an ankle boot does. You can wear them with more or less the same outfits as the ankle boot.
  1. Cowboy Boot
Again these are not a must have but are a lovely add on to your wardrobe.  I like wearing these with denim skirts and denim skinny jeans.  They are a really cute look for BBQ's, meeting your friends for coffee and at the shops.
  1. Knee Highs
These are a must have for the colder climates!  When it is really cold, knee high boots will definitely keep you toasty!!! If you have a lovely pear shape body, be careful what you wear on top.  A straight jacket is often better than an A-line jacket.
  1. Over the Knee
So I am really not a fan of these.  When I see people wearing them I often see them pulling them up or fixing them which means too much work for me.  Once there are on, I shouldn't have to touch them. Some people say they are sexy but they remind me of Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman, however this is not for the right reasons.
  1. Army Boots
These are really big at the moment and I am guilty of having a pair!!! They were originally for, you guessed it, army people but they have made it into mainstream fashion. You can wear them with skinny jeans but my favourite look is tights and a mini skirt!
  1. Gum Boots
Yes gum boots are now fashion and fashion that I love! They are super cute, however, not so comfortable if you plan to wear them all day (due to their lack of support).
  1. Workman's boots – Doc Martins
So there are a few boots and brands that come to mind when I think of a workman’s boot.  The first is the English Doc Martins, they have been around for years and became huge in the mid 90's. Yes I own a pair and love them.  You commonly see people in the hospitality industry with these on today as they are extremely comfortable and very supportive.
  1. Workman's boots - Blundstone
The next boot that pops into my head is the Blundstone boots, have a look at any trade site! You will notice most of the men are wearing pull on Blundstones.  These are the boots with elastic on both sides. Now you might be asking what I like about these boots.  Well I like an item that is practical, my man also has two pairs of these and I do like a rugged and manly man in boots… Happy boot shopping and I am sorry if I blew your shoe budget for this month! Enjoy your boots! Mich x

My Circle Skirt Challenge

My Circle Skirt Challenge

Have you made a circle skirt before? This is a relatively easy pattern to draft and an easy skirt to put together. Can you make a skirt this week and send it to me!  I want to see your take on a circle skirt!

Making a Circle Skirt Pattern

What you need

  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Ruler
  • Paper (for your pattern)
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Zip
  • Button (to fasten the waistband) if that is what you choose
  • A great fabric you have selected
  • Trim - Any kind you decide works well with your skirt


  • Measure your waist
  • Draw a line straight across the top of the your pattern paper and down its length
  • Calculating the radius of your skirt; to do this take your waist measurement and divide this by 6.28 - In this case I have worked on a size 8 = 64cm divded by 6.28 = 10.19cm - I generally round this up (I always add a little bit of room to play when I make my patterns) so I would use 10.5cm
  • Then draw it in
  • Measure the length you would like the skirt to finish and draw it in.
  • Your waistband: Draw a rectangle 8cm high and the length of your waist 8cm (h) x 64cm (w)
  • You will then need to add your seam allowance.  Again I use 1.5cm all round except on one side of the waist band as shown below.  I add 3.5cm there because this is where I will be adding my button.

(This is what you skirt pattern should look like)

Pattern Method completed.
Can you put this skirt together on your own?
I look forward to hearing from you.
I will put up a new clip to show you how to create the skirt at the end of the week.
Good luck

Sunday Afternoon Craft

Today I really wanted to fix my wrist watch.
I only wear cheap watches that I can get rid of when I get board, but this watch band wore a little too quickly for my liking.
I took myself off to my favourite Berlin Markets (Maurer Park) and checked out what the trim market stall had to offer.
4Euro's later I had a good selection of fake leather, metal fasteners and magnetic fasteners.
I am pretty happy with this, after an hours worth of work along with coffee and a nice piece of Carrot Cake my lovely house mate made!!!   - I don't think I would call that hard work!
Original Watch
Tools and bits & pieces
My fab new watch (well i think it is fab)
  MMM x

Sewing in Sydney

So being back in Sydney now it is officially three months that we have been back already. Sewing Classes are now starting to fill up and my wardrobe is starting to look Australian again (Summer Clothing). Remember the beginners is the second Saturday every month. Before we talk any sewing we have to talk about Lady Gaga last week at the Oscars, her gown was stunning!!! I can't work out what I was mesmerised by more, the gown, the singing, Lady Gaga looking so beautiful and or being sent back to my childhood for the length of her performance. So I have played her over and over again on Youtube this week trying work out what it is that makes me so happy to see the performance but to top it of Foxtel in Australia did a wonderful thing and put the actual Sound of Music film on TV last night as well... So now I am climbing every mountains and following every dreams. If you missed it here is the link Lady Gaga at the Oscars Back to sewing, so I have been building a range of skirts to alternate using two different patterns and many different fabrics. The first two fuller skirts are very easy in fact the one withe buttons on the the waist band doesn't even have a zip in it.  I have just added a pleat so it extends open.

For more details about this you can learn how to create one of these skirts in my classes and I give you the patterns to take home and make over and over again! The tighter fitting skirts you can see a bit of detailing done in the pocketing and waistband to create a point of difference.

That's it from me tonight, if you find text errors I'm sorry, but as you know I am a sewer first than a blogger!


Happy Sewing!


The weddings are over and you can see both the dresses

Hay there, Both my weddings are over.  They were brilliant fun, stressful, tiring but truely wonderful days. We are now back from holiday (in Berlin) and I can post both of my wedding dresses.  They are both very different but I felt that they suited the environment of each wedding. Number 1: Sydney Australia's Dress

Number 2: Berlin Germany's Dress

You would be surprised at how much these cost to make.  Once you have a good pattern they are relatively easy to put together as well! Let me know your thoughts. MMM x

New Denim Skirt for the European Summer

I have a great denim skirt that I love to wear but I needed to have a second one because otherwise I will keep wearing the one I purchased to death.
So I found a great stretch denim in my new favourite sewing shop in Berlin.  (Slightly on the expensive side but I just had to have this fabric).  It was 15 Euro a meter and I knew I only needed 1/2 a meter!
I took my old favourite denim skirt and created my pattern from there.
With denim I think it is important to keep the denim feel about it.  Make sure you add all the top stitching detail and ensure it is neat!
I didn't add back pockets to this skirt because I wanted a neat flat finish.  I have two normal denim skirt pockets at the front.  To keep in with the denim theme I added the stitching detail on my zip front.

Most importantly, don't forget to style your new item like you would any item you purchased.  Just because you made it doesn't meed it has to look daggy.  Make sure it looks super cool and people will stop you to ask where it is from!

Pretty phone holder for charging your device!

So there is a lot on the net about how to make a phone holder when when you are charging you phone. Here is my version: Made from an empty shampoo bottle.  I cut it straight in half without thinking about it and just realised that my phone is quite bit. So I already needed to think up something more creative if I didn't want to waste this empty bottle (it was also the only empty bottle I had in the house). I dug though my fabric and trims box to find I had ribbon, imitation leather and also some left over lace from my wedding dress. I'm not going to go though how to do it because there is loads of info on pinterest/Facebook or just google it.  (If all else fails just leave me a msg and I will share one of the links).

 You can see here I could have done this a little better, the back seam line should be hidden behind the ribbon. ( I was just having one of those days)

It be really honest I am surprised by how well my mistake turning into a really cute girly phone holder. It is functional and cute! MMM x

New PJ’s

Berlin Wall at Mauer Park
So as a lot of you know I am currently in Berlin with my new machine Frau Helga (New secondhand machine - an oldie but a goodie). I have been finding it difficult to get fabric lower than 15EUR per meter and even had to buy and invisible zip for 5EUR (so expensive). Fortunately yesterday a friend suggested a trip to Mauer Park which are known to have great markets. To my surprise I found a great little fabric stall and a very large trims/accessories stall. Since travelling to Berlin I have really missed my comfy trackies /long pj pants to chill out in at home.  (They wouldn't fit in my suit case).  Yesterday I managed to find some fabric for 3EUR per meter and some elastic for 50cents.  I was so excited I couldn't wait to make my new pants! An hours worth of work at home and I have a brilliant comfy new pair of pants!!!  I used an existing pair of PJ pants for the pattern and extended them by 20cm to make sure they were too the floor.