White Elegance Sewing School Sydney Sewing Walking into a fabric shop is so inspiring and fun. It is very easy to get carried away and lost with so many different choices. the challenge for so many students I have spoken to becomes how to be creative on a budget. The shops are full of lavish fabrics, it is the hidden little gems that we are really all after. For instance, small off cuts of fabric and trims from a fabric shop or old fabric pieces found in your great aunt's or grandmothers cupboard could be perfect. Alternatively, you could try your local opp shop. How do I start learning to sew? We always recommend you start with our beginners class "Sewing for Beginners." This class is perfect for you if you have no experience in sewing or it has been a while since you have sat at a sewing machine. Our "Sewing for Beginners" class lasts for two (2) hours where you learn to make a tote bag. After this class you will be able to go home and practice your new skills, once your ready to learn more you can book in for either a private lesson or one of our intermediate sewing classes. Sewing tools Items you can purchase however not urgent for a beginner: Sewing pins Fabric Scissors (don't spend to much on these, the best pair I have ever purchased were $14.95 and extremely light weight), Tape measure Clippers There are a lot of people that have sewing machines that were passed to them and they just don't use them. This is exciting for new sewers because you can purchase some great bargans on ebay or Gumtree. In the second hand market you should be able to purchase a pre - loved sewing machine for some where between $70 - $130. All up you should your purchases should be somewhere between $200 & $230. Classes we Offer Sewing for Beginners $55 per person Learn about sewinSewing Lessons with White Eleganceg equipment, threading a sewing machine, fabrics, types of stitches on your sewing machine, sewing straight lines, seam allowance, seam finishes. - Read More Learn to Sew a Skirt $55 per person Learn to choosing the right style for your body shape, identifying which fabric suits the pattern best, Sewing Lessons with White Elegancelaying out the fabric and cutting out the garment, begin constructing the garment, pressing and internal seam finishes - Read More Private Sewing Lessons $49 per person Continue studying the art of sewing in your own time at your own speed. Create your own projects and targets set by you and your private White Elegance Sewing School Sydneyteacher. - Read More