5 Essential Wedding Dress Accessories

5 Essential Wedding Dress Accessories

Throughout the ages there have been many reasons for weddings and this is still the case today.  Today, some weddings we agree with and some we do not.  Here are some of the common reasons for weddings:
  • legal,
  • social,
  • emotional,
  • financial,
  • spiritual, and
I am sure if you are like me, every now and then you here about another couple that my friends or I know get married via an arranged marriage.   What I find hard to understand is that arranged marriages still happen to this day with or without the consent of the bride and groom. When thinking about arranged weddings without the consent of the bride and groom, I find this concept hard to understand and not a great thought in 2015. No matter which journey you have taken, on your journey to be married, you may still be facing the same familiar questions regarding accessories, of every other bride.  There is a cute little English rhyme that some people seem to get a bit stressed over as well.  Please don’t! “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe”. Most of us know the first part, however, I for one didn’t know about the sixpence in your shoe. Each item is just something lovely from family members or friends, to remind you of them, and to add to your wedding outfit in the form of wedding dress accessories or part of your wedding gown (except maybe the money in your shoe).

Something Old

This is usually something a family member gives you, whether it is a brooch, ring or garter, sometimes it is even fabric from the bride’s mothers or grandmothers wedding dress which is incorporated in the new brides dress. Remember something old is meant to incorporate something from your family to honor your family.  While you are marrying your man you also become part of his family while you retain your current relationships with your family.

Something New

This symbolizes the bride and is unique to her.  It could be your dress, earrings, veil.  This would have to be one of the easier parts of the rhyme as you could also choose underwear

Something Blue

It is said something blue showcases your intent to always remain faithful and always love your partner. It is often that the bride has something blue on her garter but more often than not if you get your gown made a lot of dress makers now put a small blue bow in the bride’s gown. It is also trendy now to wear sapphire earrings or a sapphire necklace.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed usually shows your mutual admiration for the person that has lent you an item to wear on your wedding day. It can sometimes be your mother’s favourite earrings or veil, in our family we have a small porcelain shoe that all the brides in the family have hung from there wrist. It is very special and has been passed down for generations through the family.

A Sixpence in your Shoe

This is most commonly forgotten.  I know I for one didn’t even know about this part of the rhyme and have been working in the bridal industry for 10 years. The sixpence is usually worn in the brides left shoe to represent prosperity and good fortune. To give you an idea of the value, in 1966 the sixpence was circulated as the 5 cent piece in Australia. All in all, if you don’t fancy wearing all of that on the day of your wedding don’t.  You have to be comfortable when you get married and if you are going to be uncomfortable wearing all of it, then forget it. I will say, before my wedding, I worried a lot about many things, however, on the wedding day, the things I had spent a good deal of time worrying about before the wedding, didn’t bother me at all. The best part, is the reason why they didn’t both me, was because, I was so caught up in the day and what was going on, that it didn’t even cross my mind, that I was wearing a garter that was rather annoying. Happy planning and enjoy your wedding! Mich x